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 "You can devour “COOKING ON THE LINE,”
Skyline Newspapers
 "In this absorbing memoir, Cohen--a college football player and business owner who always loved to cook--answers an online advertisement for a line cook and brings significant life skills but scant culinary experience to the kitchen."  
Publishers Weekly
"as compared to Achatz's and Tramonto's books, this is the one most engaged with the trenches of kitchen warfare."
The Chicago Reader
"recently published (and terrific, we think) memoir Cooking on the Line ..."
eGullet-The Daily Gullet    
Cooking On the Line...from Food Lover to Professional Line Cook is a unique behind the scenes, ground level, cook's-eye-view of the professional restaurant kitchen. You will feel the heat, the pressure, and the intensity of cooking at the highest level.  With no formal training, Wayne Cohen pursues his passion for food, changes careers in mid life, and becomes part of the legendary, hyper-competitive restaurant industry.
Armed only with a love for food and a decent chef's knife, Wayne manages to talk his way into a restaurant kitchen, eventually becoming a line cook at award winning, multi-starred restaurants including;  Michael Jordan's one sixtyblue,  Chef Tony Priolo's Piccolo Sogno, and TV MasterChefs' Graham Elliot Bowles' restaurant Graham Elliot.
Cooking On the Line is told from the unique perspective of a line cook, the guy who is really cooking your food. It reveals the experience of what it feels like to be immersed in all things food and the techniques of restaurant cooking, while dealing with the intense pressure of the moment, and personal relationships that come with the job.
Cohen's detailed narrative about his experience as a line cook and his reflections of the restaurant industry offer a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective. Filled with delicious recipes throughout the book and a notable chapter detailing how to become a professional cook, COOKING ON THE LINE... from Food Lover to Professional Line Cook, is a must-read for all lovers of food.
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